Laura Parker


IPNC, Taste of Place, Portlans, OR, Performance
Boonville Hotel, Taste of Place at the Table, Boonville, CA

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, de Young; Kimball Education Gallery; Relative Connections
University of California, Santa Cruz; Intervene! Interrupt! Rethinking Art as Social Practice; conference

Sesnon Gallery, University of California Santa Cruz, CA; Taste of Place


Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, CA; Agricultural Works
Heartland Conference, Medesto CA; Terroir, Performance


Chateau Nieuil Gallery, Nieuil, France; New Work


Jewett Gallery, SF Public Library, Main, CA (inc. 7 part lecture series); LandScape, the Farmer as Artist


Olive Hyde Art Center, Fremont, CA, LandScape; the Farmer as Artist

Smith Ranch Gallery, San Rafael, CA
Mendocino College, Ukiah, CA; Abundance

Chateau De Nieul, Nieuil, France; Cascade
MR Galerie, Angouléme, France; Cascade

San Mateo Arts Council, Belmont, CA; Installations


Stanford Faculty Club, Palo Alto, CA; France/Iowa
State Capital, Sacramento, CA; France/Iowa
Flea Street, Menlo Park, CA; Varietal


Lupin, Los Gatos, CA; Figures
Le Trou, San Francisco, CA; Melons

Le Trou, San Francisco, CA; Form
Boonville Hotel, Boonville, CA; Veritable Interludes


dava dava, San Francisco, CA; Symmetry and Balance
Le Trou, San Francisco, CA; France/Iowa

Le Trou, San Francisco, CA; Pears
Atrium Court, Santa Rosa, CA

Le Trou, San Francisoc, CA; Torso


Intersection at 5M, San Francisco, CA

Sanchez Art Center, 50/50, Pacifica, CA

Green; Overlap in the Green, At the Table
New Langton Arts, San Francisco, CA; Open
Root Division, San Francisco, CA; Taste 2008

Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, Oakland, CA; Food for Thought
2007 Garage Biennial, San Francisco, CA ; Food for Thought
Donna Seager Gallery, San Rafael, CA; Books

Sonoma County Museum, Santa Rosa, CA; Hybrid Fields


Mendocino College, Ukiah, CA; Nature as Muse
San Francisco Center for the Book, San Francisco, CA; Roadworks


COPIA Sales Gallery, COPIA, Napa, CA
San Francisco Center for the Book, San Francisco, CA; Road Works
SF Public Library, Main, San Francisco, CA; Reversing Vandalism


Sanchez Art Center, Invitational, Pacifica CA
Pacific Center for the Book Arts, Skylight Gallery, San Francisco Public Library, Main, San Francisco, CA
Mechanics Library, San Francisco, CA
MR Galerie, Angouléme, France
Chateau Nieuil Gallery, Nieuil, France


Pacific Center for the Book Arts, Skylight Gallery, San Francisco Public Library, Main, San Francisco, CA
MR Galerie, Angouléme, France


Chateau Nieuil Gallery, Nieuil, France


Skylight Gallery, San Francisco Public Library, Main; Valentines
MR Galerie, Angouléme, France
City of Sunnyvale, CA; Wiggle and Squirm


MR Galerie, Angouléme, France
Mendocino Collage, Ukia, CA; Still Life


Emmie Smock Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Merav


MR Galerie, Angouléme, France
Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum; Cologne, Germany; Gender Relations


Euphrat Gallery, De Anza College; Cupertino, CA; Families
Falkirk Cultural Center; San Rafael, CA; Cooking the World


Falkirk Cultural Center; San Rafael, CA; All Saints; All Souls
Triton Museum of Art; California; Drawing and Print Biennial
Esperanza Peace & Justice Center; San Antonio, Texas; Re/Defining - Power/Transition

SOMAR Gallery, San Francisco, CA; Public/Private
Bedford Gallery, Regional Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek, CA; Fragments of Flight;
Wilkes Bashford, San Francisco, CA; Laura Parker & Deborah Jones
Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, CA; Figure as Focus
The Cork Gallery, Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, NY; Elections ‘94

Pacific Coast Art League, Half Moon Bay, CA
Gallery 25, Fresno, CA


SF State University, Student Union Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Bayfront Gallery, Fort Mason; San Francisco, CA
Prieto Gallery, Mills College; Oakland, CA; Telling Stories
KTEH Art Invitational; San Jose, CA


Dow & Frosini Art Gallery, Berkeley, CA
Atrium Gallery, Lurie Company San Francisco, CA; Laura Parker & Katherine McKay
City Hall, San Francisco, CA; Hand in Hand Together
The New World Gallery; San Francisco, CA
Juniper Gallery; Napa, CA; Figures

Le Trou; San Francisco, CA; Pears, An Exploration of Form, Laura Parker & Debroah Jones
Mendocino Arts Center; Mendocino, CA; Figurative Works
Algonquin Hotel, New York, New York; Sherlockian Artists

1978  University of California, Berkeley, CA
1977  San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA
1967-68 San Francisco Academy of Art, San Francisco, CA
1965-67 Colorado Institute of Art, Denver, Colorado

2007  Nominated for the Eureka Fellowship for visual Artists 2008-2010
         Cultural Equity Grant, San Francisco Art Commission
2006  Residency, Campbelltown Art Center, Campbelltown, Australia
2002  Artist for Agriculture Grant, Veritable Vegetable
2001  California Council for the Humanities Grant
1992  Discovery Awards, Art of California Magazine, Bronze Award
1991  Award of Merit, International Ass. of Business Communicators
1987  Certificate of Merit, Kirk Paper Competition

Splended Table, PBS radio, in segment March 25
The Huffington Post, WebEcoist, Eat Dirt! Earth & Soil Effects on Food Quality, January 25th 2010, Delana, online
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Edible Geography, Sweet and Sour Soils, December 9th 2009, Nicola, online
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Charente Libre, October 14, 1998
San Mateo Times, July 9, 1997
Fragements of Filght, Terri Cohn, Bedford Gallery, 1997
Merav; video produced by Janet Martinez, 1997
Artweek, volume 27, number 6, june 1996, pp14

Chateau de Nieuil, Nieuil, France
Insalata’s, CA
Napa Valley Grill, Illinois
Napa Valley Grill, CA
Apple Farm, Philo, CA
Kaiser Permente Medical Centers,
         Novato, Santa Rosa & San Rafael CA
Olivia Cruises, CA
Sucrée et Salée; Niort, France
T. Marquardt Fine Art, CA
Urepel, San Sebastian, Spain
Veritable Vegetable, CA

Virginia Berry, CA
Michele & Chuck Chupin, Pennsylvania
Sandra Cook, CA
Jesse Cool, CA
Wendy Cosin, CA
Mr. and Mrs Alec DiSanto, Illinois
Louise and Max Fiszer, CA
Carol Reif and Jeffery Gilman, CA
Cary and Laurie Glenner, Illinois
Gary & Lynn Goodman, CA
Deborah Jones, CA
Margaret and Richard Kaspar, Illinois
Heidi Krahling, California
Philippe and Jacquline Lefebvre; Niort, France
Kathleen. Morris & Garth.Phillips, CA
Lisbeth O’Connell, New York
Bruce and Nan Parker, Texas
Cutris Ratcliff, CA
Linda Rawls, CA
Linda Reuther, CA
Jo Smith, CA
Sondi Stankof, Austrailia

Donna Seager, San Rafael, CA
Ellen Wallace Art Consulting, Inc., Highland Park, Illinois
Jillian Glowienke, LA, CA
Joan Sapiro Art Consultants, Littleton, Colorado
Saltman Art Associates, Encino, CA

MR Galerie, Angouléme, France

Chateau de Nieuil Galerie, Nieuil, France





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